It may come as a big surprise to find out that some men (and women), when asked about their favorite childhood memory, would fondly recall the family weekends they spent at the horse tracks. They can vividly remember almost everything in detail: from the color of the clothes they wore, the weather on that day, the taste of the ice cream they had while watching their horse race across the finish line, to the feeling of exhilaration when the horse they favored was declared the winner. Ever wondered why their memories are always so exact?

Memories are retained when an event that occurred is an extreme: extremely exciting, extremely happy, extremely sorrowful (though people would rather forget events that trigger extreme sorrow), and so on.

This happens because, when a person is undergoing a particularly vivid experience, the brain releases a chemical: a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which researchers believe is responsible for memory retention. This is what happens when a child is brought to the horse races. When the family goes to watch a horse race, a child experiences many things.

First, he is extremely happy to be with his whole family. Next, seeing real animals will always bring a thrill to children. Imagine a child seeing several horses at one time! That would be an extremely exciting experience for a young one. When the horses line up at the starting box and the race begins, a child, being sensitive to the changes that happens around him, may be caught up with the general furor felt by all the spectators.

Imagine feeling all this at one time and imagine looking forward to experiencing all these wonderful emotions on every family outing. This is the reason why many men and women who grew up when going to the race track as a family was an accepted and frequently done activity, remember these events.

You and your family can recreate the joy you felt when you were younger. Going to the race track as a family may not be widely practiced nowadays, but what’s to stop you from starting your own tradition.

Bring your family to the race track one weekend and relive the excitement you felt when you were a kid. Your children may feel a little uncomfortable at first but if you take the time to explain the concepts to them, they will gradually warm up and feel more relaxed in the place and will soon experience the one-of-a-kind excitement only a trip to the horse track can provide.

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