As much as I would want to go to a horse race everyday and witness the excitement first hand, it simply is not possible. For one, the nearest horse racing track is many miles away. More so, I don’t think that I can afford to watch an event every single day. The nearest thing that I can get is to watch horse races on TV on a regular basis. Then again, there are limitations to that as well – horse racing channels are not always available on cable TV.

But here is the dish – Dish Network is now offering up to 80 channels of pure horse racing excitement! Yup, up to 80 channels! Multichannel has the story:

The service, created as part of a long-term deal with Racetrack Television Network and HorseRacingTV, will cost $49.99 per month and provide subscribers with as many a 700 live thoroughbred, quarterhorse, harness and greyhound races daily from racetracks from around the country, according to the company.

Each track in the package will have its own dedicated channel, allowing viewers to watch the same live, uninterrupted simulcast feed as is shown in commercial wagering establishments. The simulcast feed will also include full wagering information, paddock shots, and post parades, although consumers will not be able to place actual bets through the package.

In addition to the 80 channel package, Dish Network viewers will have the opportunity to subscribe to a $29.99 “Best of RTN” package consisting of the live simulcast feeds of 12 of the top RTN racetracks running at any given time.

This service will be launched in September. For $50 a month, I think this is a very good deal!

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