Horse racing has never been a sport that is free of controversy. In the UK today, the problems are in the forefront, eliciting a lot of reactions from horse racing enthusiasts. Take Fergal Lynch’s story. He is a jockey who has been accused of several things, including stopping a horse and betting through a person who has been banned from horse racing activities. More than that, he was also supposed to be supplying insider information to the same party.

So what happened to him? He was banned from riding in Britain for 12 months and was fined ?50,000 as well. People are not happy about it, though:

Lynch’s 12-month ban from riding in Britain and a fine of £50,000 for offences so fundamental to integrity was embarrassing. That the American racetrack where he had become leading rider has since stepped in with a suspension of its own is either a brilliant piece of outmanoeuvring by the BHA or a further humiliation. Judge for yourself which.

It is pretty obvious that the person who wrote that article that was published in The Guardian feels that the penalty was a lame one, and he is not alone. A lot of noise has been made about how the BHA should become stricter with instances of corruption like this one. I would tend to agree actually. Little incidents or big incidents, the end result will be the same – the loss of integrity of the game and this is the last thing that horse racing needs right now.

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