In the previous post, we took a look at some things that you can consider when betting on horse races. Those are tried and tested tips, trust me. Here are a few more which I would like to share with you.

Learn to accept losing.
This is a basic concept. As with any other gambling endeavor, horse racing will certainly be rife with losses. There really is not much that you can do to avoid a losing streak every so often. Even the best punters will experience such streaks. What is left for you to do is to accept that it will happen and make your plans revolve over the long term.

Be careful of accumulator bets.
These bets are pushed so hard and are advertised as “high returns for small stakes.” On the surface, it is the ultimate dream. You only risk a little bit and stand to win huge. However, they are really harder to win and the more extra selections you make, the higher the odds go in favor of the bookie.

Consider betting to place.
While some people think that it is not the best part of betting, it is actually a good way to maximize your earnings. You can choose races with 8 to 10 horses in it. They pay out for 3 places, so you have higher chances of winning. However, it is not advisable to do this for races with more than 10 horses as it will only make it harder to choose 3 placers.

There you go, my tips for now. Have fun making your bets!

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