Maryland residents who are horse racing fans will be glad to know that their state government is concerned about their hobby. As a matter of fact, the authorities have recently made a move that will ensure that the Preakness Stakes remain in Maryland. The Preakness Stakes is the middle jewel of the Triple Crown, one of the most highlighted horse races in the country.

According to Maryland governor O’Malley, “Maryland’s horse industry not only generates tens of thousands of jobs and produces a substantial economic impact for our State, but our centuries-old heritage of horse racing and horse breeding is woven deeply into the cultural fabric of Maryland.”

As a result, they have enacted a bill that will allow the state to buy or “exercise eminent domain” over the holdings of the Maryland Jockey Club. Some of these properties include the following:

-Laurel Park
-the Bowie Race Course Training center
-Pimlico Race Course.

For as long as the government wants horse racing in the state and the bill is active, horse racing fans in Maryland can rest assured that their hobby will remain untouched. However, not everyone is happy about the development. Tom Chuckas, the president and chief operating officer of the Maryland Jockey Club, in particular has expressed his concerns. He states that due to matters relating to bankruptcy, the government’s right to take over their property might cause even more confusion and litigation. In any case, us horse racing fans can look forward to this year’s Preakness Stakes, which is going to be held on the 16th of May.

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