For the uninitiated, the Royal Calcutta Turf Club is one of the oldest traditions in British India. As early as 1842, this club was hosting horse races in the country, and is actually considered to be one of the pioneers in the field.  Unfortunately, unlike many other traditions, the club suffered neglect and its influence and activities have deteriorated over the years.

Some people in India are looking to restore the Royal Calcutta Turf Club back to its former glory, however.  With the help of corporate sponsorship and the purses of some of the richest people in the country, the hope is that the Royal Calcutta Turf Club will once again be looked upon as one of the premier  horse racing venues in the world.

Right now, the highest purse in horse racing in the club is 150 million rupees.  If plans are to push through, the purse will go way beyond this amount, making the events held at the club noticeable to the rest of the horse racing world.  According to Cyrus J Madan, the chairman, the city of Kolkota has always been part of the racing world.  And not only that, they were once regarded as being among the top contenders in this field.  With the current plans of expanding and revamping their activities, they hope to regain what stature they once had.

While the  Royal Calcutta Turf Club is not the sole horse racing club in the country, their legacy is perhaps the best.  And I think that that is enough to convince people to come and participate in their races.

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