Every punter dreams of owning a race horse one day. For most people, this dream remains just that – a dream. Owning an ordinary horse is not a cheap thing; owning a race horse even more expensive. As such, many of us have to content ourselves with betting and watching horses race without the satisfaction of owning any of those in the race.

A new horse racing club is set to change that, however. The Select Racing Club is the world’s first “democratic” horse racing club. With the motto “Power to Punters,” the club aims to give the average punter the chance to own race horses. How so?

People can join the club and become members for a relatively low yearly subscription. The members then vote online to decide on what horses the club buys, where they race, and which jockeys ride which horses. It is indeed very democratic, involving everyone who is part of the club. The best part comes when the horses win – everyone gets a share of the prize money!

And how is the Select Racing Club faring so far? Their first horse is Rupestrian, trained by Tim Vaughan, who has already made a name for himself in the racing world. And Lady Luck seems to be bestowing her favors on the club as so far, Rupestrian has had three wins out of three runs! Obviously, this is making a lot of people happy.

Of course, this is not to say that they will always have winning combinations, but it is safe to say that this club will be garnering more attention in the months to come.

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