Slot machines in racetracks are nothing new. In fact, there are already many racetracks across the country which have slot machines available to the patrons. In Ohio, however, slot machines are not allowed – YET. If the Ohio government decides to do so, then horseracing enthusiasts might just be treated to slot machines! The Columbus Dispatch has this story:

As lawmakers appeared to soften their position on gambling, hundreds of horse enthusiasts rallied at the Statehouse this morning for a plan that would allow slot machines at the state’s seven racetracks.

Without slot machines, most of the racetracks likely will go out of business in the next few years, eliminating many of Ohio’s 16,000 jobs that depend on horse racing, leaders of the state’s equine industry said.

They urged supporters to write to lawmakers in favor of a proposal to allow 14,000 slot machines at the racetracks. The issue would require only approval from the General Assembly, not voters.

Take note that the General Assembly holds the decision in its hands. The voters, who might be the ones wanting to have slots in the racetracks are not part of the decision making process. Still, it seems like a good deal since the government seems to leaning towards gambling more these days. Then again, some authorities are saying that the issue is not about gambling. The placing of slots in racetracks, they say, is all about providing more jobs to the people. While I am not so sure about that rationale, having slots in racetracks is convincing enough!

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