The future is something that is almost always uncertain.  We are only guaranteed that things will remain the same for so long.  After a while, time takes its toll, and change comes like a sweeping wind.

The same might be said of the status of  Hollywood Park, one of the most famous horse racing tracks in the country.  Hollywood Park is considered a thoroughbred race track, also hosts poker rooms, and is located in Inglewood, California.  It is situated about 3 miles from the Los Angeles International Airport.

This year, in fall, Hollywood Park will be holding a scheduled meeting, and the future of the race track might just depend on the outcome of this meet.  According to Jack Liebau, the track president, he is not in the position to commit to horse racing past this year.

Why is this so?  According to news reports, the owner of the park has plans to turn the property into something else – a development containing various sectors such as a retail district, office space, as well as residential units.

Nothing else has been reported except that after this year, we might not get to see and bet on horse races in Hollywood Park.  This is going to be a major loss for horse racing enthusiasts all over the country, not only because of the actual races but because of what Hollywood Park has become over the years.

As for now, all we can do is watch and see,  hoping that horse racing will continue to be a part of this area’s legacy.

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