Have you had your fill of thoroughbred racing? I highly doubt it – you can never get enough of that, can you? You have to admit though, that sometimes, you feel this yearning for some diversion, something different. If this is true for you, then you might be interested in wild horse racing. Yes, there are still wild horses out there.

I am not talking about the United States or even Europe, though. I am talking about one of the most sought after Asian destinations: Japan. Come next month, the annual wild horse racing festival will be held in Soma City. This event dates back to the 10th century – ancient as ancient can get – and is held over a period of three days.

More than wild horses trying to out speed each other, spectators can also watch samurai horsemen battle it out on the field with traditional armor and weapons. Visitors can also participate in other activities such as the opening ceremonies, which will be held in shrines in various locations such as Ota, Odaka, and Nakamura.

Going back to the races, you can also watch the Yasuda Kinen Horse Race, which features horses over three years old. This will be held at the Tokyo Racecourse. Those who follow the Asian horse racing circuit will know that this is the last leg of the Asian Mile Challenge.

Whether you are from Asia or other parts of the world, as long as you are a horse racing enthusiast, you will definitely find these events of interest.

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