I’ve spent the better part of a day checking out various media outlets to see what the experts think about today’s Derby.

The horses most commonly amongst the expert Kentucky Derby betting picks are Super Saver, Awesome Act, Ice Box, and the filly Devil May Care.

Here’s why:

It’s gonna be a muddy track, remember.

Super Saver is a popular Kentucky Derby pick because he’s one of the few horses in the 2010 lineup that has won at Churchill Downs.

He’s a dirt horse that has had success on this track and it doesn’t hurt that 2009 Kentucky Derby winning jockey Calvin Borel will be yanking the reins.

You can get close to 17/1 Kentucky Derby betting odds on Super Saver online even though the track odds at Churchill Downs have him as the race favorite at 7/1.

Awesome Act is liked because he’s really figured it out recently and has the versatility to run any sort of race.  In a 20-horse race like the 2010 Kentucky Derby, that type of skill is looked fondly upon.

Ice Box seems to be the consensus favorite as the top closer in the 2010 Kentucky Derby lineup and many are making picks on him because of how easily Mine That Bird came from way back last year.

Devil May Care is the filly and she really doesn’t appear all that talented at first glance.  She’s ran one nice race in her career and it was against a lineup of iffy contenders.

That said, there are plenty making Kentucky Derby picks on her because of the huge speed figure she put up in that race.  It puts her amongst the top 3 in terms of that statistic and you can get close to 20/1 odds on her currently.

Good luck, bettors everywhere. I’ll post news after the race.

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