It’s the richest race in the world and here are the results of the 2010 Dubai World Cup, which took place Mar. 27.

Gloria de Campeao was up by a nose to win the World Cup.

Nice payout of $52.40 for a $2 win ticket.

Before the race was official the jockey of Lizard’s Desire thought¬† he was the winner. It was that close a race.

He crossed the finish line raising his hands, but the photo finish said otherwise. He was second. Pretty embarrassing, I’d say. Dude… you gotta make sure you’ve won before you start celebrating.

Gloria de Campeao started the race as a 15-1 underdog.

Those odds shouldn’t have been so high. Gloria de Campeao had been racing in Dubai for months and in recent weeks had been performing well. Especially on the new Meydan racetrack.

Back to the U.S. for horse racing news this week, leading up the Derby.

Man…this is the best time of year, ain’t it?

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