So check this out?

You all know that in addition to being a horse racing fanatic I am a lottery nut. Play it. Read about it, etc. Just check out my book to the right of this posting.

So when I read this in the Baltimore Sun newspaper, I was intrigued.

Frank Stronach, chairman of Maryland Jockey Club’s parent company, MI Developments Inc., has proposed a new betting opportunity that could compete with the Maryland Lottery if allowed to go forward.

Stronach has proposed the “Quad Superfecta,” a $1 ticket that would allow bettors to pick the finish of four horses in each of four designated races on Saturday afternoons and pay a guaranteed $10 million to the winning ticket holder.

I gotta admit, that’s pretty appealing.

The Maryland Racing Commission, at its regular monthly meeting at Laurel Park on Tuesday, continued action on the proposal until its next meeting, Nov.23, giving officials time to work out the details, including what to do about late scratches in the chosen races and payouts for those with fewer than 16 matching numbers.

“The man is coming up with an idea to help the racing industry,” commissioner Ernest Grecco said. “I see no reason why we shouldn’t let him try.”

Maryland has 126 days of live racing at Laurel Park and 20 at Pimlico. The state also has seven days of racing at Timonium Fair Grounds.

Commissioner John McDaniel said the commission needs time to review the MJC proposal, noting it isn’t simply a matter of approving it.

I’ll keep you all informed on what happens, but this seems like a pretty damn good idea. For $4 you have the chance to win a million dollars?

Sounds good to me.

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