Well, finally. Someone (in the Wyoming legistlature) is waking up.

You have an industry. A struggling horse racing industry…and you’re letting it fall apart in this economy when we need every job possible?

Not only that…I love to watch horse racing.

OK…the Wyoming Senate Revenue Committee struggled early this week  with a bill to improve the depressed pari-mutuel horse racing industry in the state.

Senate File 47 is designed to increase the number of horse-racing days at the state’s only track in Evanston.

The issues of permits for simulcasting and the authority of the Wyoming Parimutuel Commission are complicated.

Sen. John Schiffer, the committee chairman and sponsor of the bill, tried to explain how simulcasting works.

He then jokingly suggested the committee retire to a Cheyenne bar that offers simulcast horse racing and off-track betting.

He called it a field trip, a mission to gather information in real time.

Committee members passed on the field trip, decided the bill needs more work and tabled it for a few days.

Let’s hope they move a little bit faster in trying to re-invigorate the industry.

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