After a 60 year ban, China is permitting horse racing.

There will be weekly races in the central city of Wuhan.

But here is the twist.

No betting is permitted.

At least, not legally.

Communist authorities banned racing after taking power in the 1949 revolution as part of a broad sweep that remotely resembled luxury and decadence.

So, let’s get this straight.

China has a legal lottery. No other forms of betting (gambling) allowed.

Both Hong Kong, a former British colony, and Macau, a former Portuguese territory, already boast a thriving racing industry and the latter also hosts dozens of casinos.

Racing in Wuhan will take place from late August.

Ten to 12 horses will be entered in four to six races and more than 200 owners have already decided to participate.

People can win small prizes if they correctly guess which horse will win the race, but they can’t bet on horses like people do during Hong Kong horse racing.


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