You all (I should say y’all) know that I went to school in Georgia and love the Peach State and its people.

I also love to gamble.

In moderation, of course.

Because I don’t have a lot of money.

So as a former resident of Georgia, I found this news item pretty interesting: seems like Georgia voters could decide whether they want to bring horse racing to their communities under a constitutional amendment proposal filed by a state representative.

Nuff said. I’m all for it. Unfortunately I no longer live in Georgia.

Republican Rep. Harry Geisinger of Roswell filed the resolution oand says the move could be part of a solution to bring more jobs to the state. Under the proposal, proceeds could help pay for college scholarships, pre-K programs or trauma care.

Geisinger introduced similar legislation during the 2009 Legislature, when he chaired a study committee addressing the issue, but the measure failed to gain support. The proposal is expected to draw opposition from social conservatives who generally don’t like gambling.

Note to social conservatives: you have a very vital lottery business. Why not horse racing as well?

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