Now if I was young again…..

I might go to the University of Arizona, where they offer a Race Track Industry Program, to my knowledge, the only program of its kind.

It provides students with the background necessary for a number of career paths in the horse racing industry.

I’m for that.

Should students choose the “animal path,” they will graduate prepared to work as a horse trainer or breeder.

Those opting for the “business path`” will be suited to work on the management side of the industry. So how do students fare in the real world after graduating from such a unique program?

Douglas Reed, the program’s director, told CNN that the graduates “do pretty well.”

“We have a placement rate in excess of 80 percent immediately upon graduation and [students] receive jobs in all facets of the industry due to the nature of the two paths and the broad based knowledge they receive,” Reed says.

“Some students start at a racetrack in mid-level management or entry level jobs, others work with the horses either on farms or at the track for a trainer. Still others enter the business in related companies [like those] that process wagers or service the industry.”

I think  that’s kind of cool. Don’t you? The thing to worry about though is the state of the business nationwide in the U.S.

But…with a degree…maybe YOU are the one who can help revive interest in the sport.

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