Virtual horse racing and greyhound tracks are a fun part of the online casino room and can provide hours of fun.

What the games do so well is they produce the excitement of being at a race track with the opportunity to bet on one of the runners from the comfort of your own living room.

In the horse racing games there are a various different options to place a bet. The most popular is to back one of the horses to win the race. Each horse will have different odds according to its chance of winning the race. The shortest priced runner will be the favourite and the most likely to win, whilst the biggest priced horse is known as the outside of the race because in theory it has the least chance of winning.

Alternatively, to give yourself a better chance of finding a winner, you can back a horse to be placed. To win, your selection needs to finish first or second, however, do bear in mind that the odds will be much shorter in the place market.

Playing the exacta, which is also known as a forecast bet, allows you the opportunity to win much more money than on a single. In order to complete this bet, you need to predict the first and second horse past the line in this order.

In the greyhound game, the bets are very similar. Instead of running in a straight line, the dogs will run over around four bends on a track before reaching the line. Often a lot can change after the final bend when certain dogs start to tire and others stay on stronger in the closing stages.

Written by John, a fan of horse racing and blackjack.

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