Christmas Day has passed, but that does not mean that the festive celebrations can’t continue. In fact, there is still plenty of time to enjoy a festive jingle from StanJames that is up there with the cheesiest two minutes you are ever likely to see.

Stan and James have only recently been introduced to our TV screens but the cheeky pair are back with plenty of friends piled into their flat for a sport-fest that disregards the Christmas pleasantries and you see the dinner thrown all around the room. The Christmas costumes are out in force joined by clichéd festive antics and served with a huge slice of cheesy lyrics.

The theme is, of course, festive sport betting and it is a reminder that betting doesn’t stop just because we are entering the New Year. In fact, there are now more ways to bet than ever and StanJames is the place to go to.

Donning a snowman outfit and an elf outfit, the pair bounce around their flat with friends making a mess. It is a wonderful clichéd stab at a typical ‘lads’ get-together where the live sport and betting is all that matters. Even the token girlfriend is neglected in the filming!

With lyrics like ‘if you’ve done your homework or you just think you’re odds on, Merry Christmas’ and ‘you can even bet on cricket, golf and rugby too, it’s the betting website, designed for the likes of you!’ you know what to expect really.

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