So you’re into horse racing. You think that you can just choose a horse and win big? Think again. Horse racing is not an exact science but neither is it purely a matter of luck and intuition. Here are some factors to consider when making bets.

The Form
Naturally, I am talking about the horse’s form. You have to know how fit the horse is and whether it is performing at its best. Just the slightest bit of faltering and your horse can lose everything.

The Course
Your horse might be in top form, but it does not mean that he will perform at his best in the given race track. You have to consider the bends, the incline, and the condition of the surface. THEN, you have to analyze how your horse normally performs in these conditions.

The Distance
You have to know which distance your horse runs best at. This is a basic concept in horse racing. Some horses do best in sprints while others are excellent in the long run. Know what your horse is best at and what kind of race he is running in.

The Trainer/Jockey
Horses do have their inherent strengths but the trainer and the jockey have a lot to do with their performance in the race track as well. It would do you good to do research on the trainers and jockeys and make sure that you take their track record into consideration when picking your horses as well.

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