Italy is well known around the world for its numerous attractions.  However, there are some less known places and activities that would catch the attention of some people.  One of the lesser known places in this wonderful country is Sienna.  Located in about an hour from Florence, this medieval town has a lot to offer.

Imagine staying in a little town with ancient brick alleyways and medieval fortresses all around you.  It is the epitome of peace and quiet.  Cars are even banned from majority of the city.  You can just walk around and enjoy the scenery and not be bothered by motorists and the pollution that motored vehicles bring.

Yet as quiet as Sienna is, it has some piece of action to offer as well.  Horse racing enthusiasts will find it a delight to watch bare back horse races at Il Palio.  One should not miss these bare back horse races which are held at the Piazza del Campo.  Neighborhoods are all involved in the races and the action starts even before the races begin.  Different groups go around in the middle of the night, making a ruckus and challenging their neighbors.  During the race day itself, each neighborhood has a contestant that they will back with all their might.

It is indeed quite a different experience from horse racing as we know in the U.S. and other parts of the world today.  Yet real lovers of horses and the sport of horse racing will definitely appreciate the culture and the excitement that this kind of horse racing will bring.

So it is pretty clear then that there is more than just the UK in terms of horse racing action in Europe. Places like Ireland, France and Italy have an awful lot to offer even though their respective betting markets are weak in the UK with a lack of interest.

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