In a previous post we had was a introductory course in British horse racing.  We ended with the types of enclosures that one can visit and what one would expect from each.  Whichever type of enclosure you go to, it is best that you buy a race card once you get to the race course.  You would only need to spend about 2 – 3 quid for one and it will give you most of the information that you would need throughout the day.  Now let’s talk about the two types of racing.

The first one is flat racing, which, as its name suggests, is carried out on a track where there are no obstacles – the track is flat.  You can watch flat racing anytime in the year although the main season runs from April to October.  The other type of racing is the National Hunt.  As opposed to flat racing, this type of race has jumps.  You can also watch this race all throughout the year but the main season runs from October to April.  Some race courses have both kinds of races while others feature a single type.

Now how about betting?  There are two main ways – with the bookmakers and with the Tote.  The former offers fixed-odds betting.  That is, you always know how much you will win in case your pick makes it.  The latter offers pool betting, wherein all the bets on a horse are put into a pool.  The winnings are then shared among the bettors.

As a punter then you need to remember that there are some 7k-8k races held in the UK every year on flat tracks, jump tracks and all-weather tracks. If you desire to make money from horse racing then you probably need to specialise unless you have some system for being able to track value in them all which probably requires the assistance of a computer programmer.

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