In the past, slot swindle was one of the most popular crimes at casinos. Today, however, slot machines are continued to be used to receive illegal winnings.

First Slot Swindlers

Slot machined used to be fully automated. They were not properly maintained, and some details wore out. For this reason, reels could repeat the same winning combination in  a certain sequence (let us say, every 20th spin). Players with watchful eye could make lots of money using such malfunctioning slots. As a matter of fact, this cannot be called swindle.

Some time later, players managed to drill a hole in a slot’s case in order to stop the reels when needed.

Then some people started putting a paper clip into a slot in order to make coins pour out in an endless flow.

Hacking Up-to-date Slots

Then the era of microschemes and processors and it seemed that slot swindle will be forgotten forever. As it turned out, swindlers took a pause to study programming and electronics. They make a hole in a slot’s case, install another system board to casino online and enter a certain winning combination. Few swindlers are able to this. Usually, they can’t do it without assistance of some security guy.

In the world of online gambling, there are no news saying that somebody managed to hack a slot. This is practically impossible due to several reasons. For example, the player receives their winnings not immediately but after several  days or even weeks that online casinos needs to make all necessary checks.

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