One of the most important – if not the most important – things in horse racing is to find a system that works for you and to stick with it. This applies to any form of gambling be it blackjack, sports betting or online poker at the really big sites or the smaller less popular card rooms. There are countless systems already developed by other punters out there.  Yet if you are still on the lookout for a system that works, why not try coming up with your own?  Here are a few tips that would help you on this matter.

First, be prepared to do research – a lot of research.  You would have to look into the horses running a certain race and find out as much as you can about them.  This information can be had for free – just look on the Internet.

Next, you should also look into other details such as the size of the field.  The more horses you have running the race, the lesser the chances of a single horse winning.  You should factor this into your system.

Another consideration would be the type of ground the race is going to be run on.  Each horse has its own strength when it comes to this.  You should know which horse runs best on soft or firm ground and adjust your system accordingly.

When picking the horse to place your bet on, make sure that it is in top form.  A horse that ran its last race a season or two ago would make for poor betting.  According to some experts, the shorter the period between races, the better.

As a rule then betting systems in horse racing fall into three camps…….the good, the mediocre and the bad. A good system can and will be worth its weight in gold but these are rare. A mediocre system may over time make you small profits or break even or lose slightly but if you are going to be betting anyway then a system would be superior to your own betting strategy especially if you are a novice.

Bad systems are what you want to avoid because they may literally be a licence to lose money to turn a phrase.

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