The real professionals these days in horse racing know the rules of the game, they know the tricks that they need for success and how to buck the system.

What you need to remember in horse race betting these days is that your enemy is the betting firms and they are very formidable enemies these days. They have access to electronic databases of information, odds compilation data and all of the information networks and contacts in the industry much of which would put the intelligence networks of the CIA in the shade.

However one of the tricks to beating these people lies in one very important area. This is their desire to get your money before the other betting forms get hold of it.

This can allow them to mis-price certain horses even though they will know that they are a stand out price. This allows the punter to be able to get value prices that other punters do not get hold of. What you have to do though is to be prepared to bet with any of the leading betting firms and not just one.

If two punters each have ten bets and five win and five lose and one person has five winners at Evens and five losers at Evens then they break even. However if another punter had the same bets and achieved better prices on their winners of say 11/10 then they are ahead of the other punter after ten bets of 0.5pts.

If you are betting say £100 a time then the second punter is ahead by £50 after ten bets for £5/bet while the other punter broke even. The key trick here is to be selective and pick your times of confrontation.

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