Betting on horse races may probably be one of the oldest forms of gambling in the modern world. Initially, only members of the upper crust watched and bet on the outcome of the races but, during the depression, more people started attending horse races. What initially started as an alternative form of entertainment – something to do to while away the time, became one of the most popular gambling activities in the world along with poker which these days also means online poker .

Regular attendees of horse races already know which horses are worth gambling on, and which steeds are not. If you are new to this game, you won’t have that advantage and, chances are, you may just bet on the horse that looks nice or has an easy to remember name.

Betting on horses, however, is easier than it seems. Just like pro athletes, horses too have statistics and these can be viewed through the horse-racing information flyer which you can easily obtain at selected areas of the race track. The flyer lists down all the races scheduled for that day and all the horses slated to race. Underneath or beside the name of the horse, are statistics. Highlighted are details of the horse’s last few races (what his standing is at the end of the race), where the races where held, when he last ran and other information which would aid newbies in deciding which horse to bet on.

When reading the statistics, see how many winning streaks the horse has had. How he performed in a particular kind of race (in terms of distance), and the horse last ran, are other factors which you should look at and consider. From there, you can interpolate or interpret the figures. Do you think that the horse will reach his peak during the race? Will he be tired after running several races or will he be raring to go?

Prior to the races, you can also go around the race track. Normally, the horses that will be running in the next race warm up or trot in a pre-designated area that can be viewed by the public. Through this, you can gauge the physical attributes of the horses and can make a decision based on this.

You can also check on the odds. If you want to win big, bet on the horse that is least likely to win. Horses that are favored to win have smaller odds and the return you get from a bet will not be substantial.

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