Newcomers to horseracing may not know it but the secret to long term success in the sport is to find a working system and stick with it.  Though that sounds easy enough, there is a little bit of complication –  there is no one system that can work for everyone.  You have to shop around for the system that works best for you and that can take some time.  So what do you look out for when trying to determine a horseracing system that would work for you?

Tipster Services.  Now before I go on, please remember that whatever is written here is merely my opinion and that I am not generalizing.  The reason for that disclaimer is that I believe that you should shy away from tipster services.  The reason?  You will be better off learning the ins and outs of betting and reading a form guide.  Then you can work your own system.  Relying on tipsters to make your bets has not been proven to be the most effective way of winning long term.

Written testimonials for software systems.  Right, we see a lot of these online.  I have personally read countless of these testimonials saying how much they have earned since they started using so and so system.  Of course some of them may be true but you will never know unless you actually speak to the person or your purchase the system.

In second scenario, you risk ending up being scammed.  When salespeople get in touch with you regarding software systems, ask them if you could get in touch with current users in order to verify their product. Systematic approaches to gambling can also be applied in online poker on sites like 888poker where the best poker players can often be found multi-tabling playing on auto pilot much of the time.

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