Though most of the focus in horse racing has come to be placed in the United States, horse racing in Great Britain cannot be overlooked today.  It is still one popular activity over there for many people of all ages.  Today, there are around 59 racecourses all throughout Britain.  These racecourses vary widely to suit each and every taste and budget.

The numerous racecourses are broadly categorized into the following groups:

•   Members (also called Club or Premier) Enclosure This is the high end option for going to the horse races.  Racecourses which fall under the Members Enclosure category often offer the best viewing and other facilities.  Though the name may be misleading, anyone can book a ticket for a Members course.  It’s just that the members of the course carry a badge that allow them more access.

•    Tattersalls (also called Grandstand or Paddock) Enclosure The largest enclosure of the bunch.  You would expect this place to be crowded and buzzing with activity all throughout the day.  More than betting, you can find other activities such as eating and drinking and socializing.

•    Silver Ring (also called Course or Park) Enclosure Known to be the least formal and least expensive of them all.  Perhaps one reason is that from this enclosure, you cannot see the Parade Ring or the Winners Enclosure.  Still, you get to see the horses on the racecourse and for many, that is all that they want.  You can also get food and drink in this enclosure but the trend is to bring along food for a picnic.

It is easy to feel intimidated when you go to a meeting for the first time but remember this, there will be countless other people all in the same boat as you and not knowing what to do. The bookmakers and betting firms are used to this. Do not ever be scared to ask them for advice because at the end of their day if their help assists you to place a bet then they make money.

You can always tell the novices because they are unsure of where to go or what to do. Their novice and beginner status is highlighted when you hear them speak. So get yourself off to the races and have a great time and stop worrying.

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