You may have been betting on horse races for a while now, and you might even think that you are quite good at it. But just like any other activity or hobby, you might find yourself in a rut every now and then. If you are in this situation, maybe it’s time that you take a look at what got you there. Here are some tips to help you get back on the groove and out of the rut.

Don’t push yourself too much.
Just like any other job, you can get burned out. If I were you, at the first signs of frustration and burn out, I would stop for a while and clear my head. It is never a good idea to keep pushing yourself and get closer to the brink.

Remember that handicapping is an intellectual activity.
That means that you can’t simply let your mind go to waste. In order to be successful in handicapping, you need to keep your mind sharp. This means that sticking to a routine might not always be a good idea. When you start falling into a rut, you need to try working out your mind – you just might get new inspiration.

Keep in touch with other people.
If you are too obsessed with handicapping, you might be overlooking an important part of your life – socialization. Do not lock yourself up in your home or office trying to figure out how to win every single race. Instead, go out, meet friends, interact. The break can help you find new energy and motivation.

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