It has been well known for quite some time amongst horse racing professionals that the older conventional form analysis really struggles to make money these days. This is basically because of the fact that the markets have become much more efficent with their pricing and tissue prices have become far more accurate. However horse racing is a very information sensitive market and that information is being pumped into the market all the way until the commencement of the race.

This makes horse racing markets very similar to financial markets and even the termination of pre-race betting due to the race starting can be likened to financial instruments like options and futures which have expiry dates. On the betting exchanges then this is where getting a good tissue price can be advantageous because the odds rarely stay the same. If you have a really good tissue then this can highlight value with both backing and laying and this is an area that I think any punter should look to get into.

If you do not know how to compile a tissue and let’s face it few of us do, then you can avail yourself of a good tissue price in areas like the Racing Post for example. In fact one such method can be to cross reference several respected tissues at once to find a “super tissue” which can be used as a template to attempt to find value on the betting exchanges. You will see that this has very little to do with the older conventional analysis of form and looks to use form study in a slightly different way.

At the end of the day you do not want to be locking horns with industry professionals in areas there they are at their strongest. As always, your biggest option as a punter is your ability not to bet and to be selective. This in principle is the same as a poker player who folds all of their poor hands and waits for good opportunities.

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