There must be a reason why attending and betting on horse races have remained a popular past time similar to online poker and other gambling activities all through these years, and it’s definitely not because of the money that a person, who manages to correctly predict the winner of a race (or two), stands to win.

Horse racing is more than bets and wagers. It’s about a lot of other more intangible reasons. Horse racing has become so popular because the venue itself serves as a meeting or a networking venue. There’s always something for everyone at the horse races. Friends can gather together at the track to bet on their favorite steed, to talk about the latest happening in their lives, or just to watch the horses. Inside the corporate boxes, businessmen can talk about mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, or just create a larger network of contacts. A day at the horse track is also ideal for family gatherings.

What better way to bond with one another than an afternoon watching and rooting for your horse to win a race. Other people watch horse races to admire the grace and beauty of these magnificent animals. And others gamble and watch horse races for the thrill a run gives. It’s exciting enough to watch marvelous horses race to the finish line. You get an inexplicable thrill just rooting and hoping for your favored horse to win. What more when you have, not just a jockey, but also a few dollars riding on that animal?

The thrill of horse races does not just happen when the animals rush across the finish line. The adrenalin rush starts the minute you step into the arena because you immediately feel the excitement and joy of all the attendees. Seeing the animals trot from the stables to the race track elicit a sense of awe and can make a person feel honored to be in the presence of these wonderful steeds. The fervor peaks when the horses are led to the starting box, and everyone watches with baited breath as they wait for the gun to signal the start of the race.

As the horses thunder towards the finish line, you feel your heart beating just as fast as the hooves of these animals, and then just when the tension is about to subside, your heart pumps up again as the horses cross the finish line. No other sport can make you feel this way – and this is why people are addicted to horse racing. It’s not for the money – it’s for the thrill of it.

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