I am a technophobe. If I can use a piece of technology to do something – whether it’s for work or for leisure – I will do so. But when it comes to making your picks for horse races, does technology apply as well? Should you rely on computer programs when it comes to betting on horse races?

There are many computer programs, or software, available these days that are designed to help you select horses to bet on. The idea is simple, actually. The program is fed data that you would normally see in form books and past race results. At the click of your mouse, the program will give you selections based on the data that is inputted.

If you think about it, it is actually the same as going over those form books and past racing results yourself. You are only mechanizing the process, making it faster and giving you less work.

So why am I sending off vibes which do not seem to be all positive (with regard to the software)? The answer is this: while computer programs can accurately give you selections based on the data inputted, the results are limited by the nature of the information you feed them. Software can only read hard facts. They do not take into consideration other factors that may come into play when you actually select your horses “manually.”

What I am saying is that computer programs can help you to a certain extent but I would not suggest relying solely on them. Use a program and then trust your instincts as well.

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