Here are some general terms used in horse racing that you need to know. Basic vocabulary is important to learn and this makes no difference to whether you ar learning to play online poker to go into combat down at your local race track.

Across the board – this means you bet on a horse finishing first, second, and third place. If the horse wins first place, you get winnings on all your three wagers. If the horse wins second place, you get winnings on your second and third place wagers. If the horse wins third place, then you get winnings only on your third place wager.

Also Ran – the term used for horses which raced but did not finish in the money.

Backstretch – the straight area of the track in between turns.

Blanket finish – this happens when horses reach the finish line packed together.

Box – used to refer to a wager in which you choose all the possible combinations that a horse can come in.

Claiming race – a race wherein the horses in it can be bought. If a winning horse is bought, the earnings from the race go to the previous owner.

Clocker – a person who times races and workouts.

Closer – a horse that saves its energy for the last leg of the race. A closer has more chances of winning a race wherein the other horses expend all their energy early on.

Daily Double – the first and second races of the day. In these races, you pick the winner.

Exacta – an exotic wager wherein you have to bet on the exact win and place of a race. For example, a 5-6 exacta means the 5 horse must win and the 6 horse must place.

Field – all the horses running or racing in a particular race.

Firm – a term used to refer to the condition of a track of Turf.

Front runner – a horse that leads the field as far as possible.

In the money – the term used to refer to horses that finish in the first, second, and third places.

Maiden – a horse that has never won a race.

Maiden race – a race wherein all of the horses racing are maidens.

On the nose – betting on a horse to win only.

Photo finish – when two or more horses reach the finish line almost simultaneously, a photo is examined to see which one finished first.

Purse – the total prize money distributed to the owners.

Router – a horse that performs well in distance races.

Show – third place finish.

Turf – a grass track.

Win – first place finish.

Wire – the finish line.

You will find that in any sport or game there is a language all of its own. Poker is exactly the same and any novice could be forgiven for packing the entire game in when they first buy an advanced poker book. The same thing applies to financial trading or any other profession for that matter.

There are phrases and terminology that the average layman simply does not understand and the same thing applies to horse racing. However there is a logic to all of this terminology and once you understand the structure of horse racing then much of the terminology will make a lot more sense to you.

It is easy to feel out of your depth when you do not know anything about what two experts are talking about. However all it is most of the time is a certain language and just like any other language… can be learned with a little time and effort.

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