Horse racing is a classic gambling opportunity. Many Vegas sportsbooks are combined with horse racing betting parlors, and of course there are plenty of opportunities to bet on horse racing online and win huge amount of bonus just like online casino bonus. If you want to be successful at horse racing, you’ll probably want to know some of the insider tips that successful horse racing bettors use to make sure they collect their share of winning tickets.

The racetrack provides a tremendous amount of information for you to base your wagers on. Use it. Give yourself plenty of time before the race to study the program. Look for things like times in the money, split times and whether the horse is a front runner or likes to come from behind. There are different ways to use this information, but without using any of it, you’re just betting blind.

On T.V. and in movies, you rarely see a horse player doing anything other than betting “to win.” But you have a lot more options than this at the racing window, and many of the exotic bets offer nice payouts. The reality is that the favorites often win, and usually produce weak odds, so it’s tough to win big just making win bets. If you can hit exactas, daily doubles, and other wagers involving predicting the finish of multiple horses just like hitting the right slots games combinations, you stand to get much better payoffs, even if there is a favorite or two in the mix.

If you see one horse that stands out as having a lot of wins in a field with horses that have not, don’t be so quick to lay a lot of money down. That particular horse may have just moved up in class, and is now racing for a much bigger purse against much better horses. On the flip side, a horse whose last few races have been losers may well have just moved down in class and be far superior to the field. Take note of possible moves up or down in class for certain horses.

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